[SHOT 2023] New Shadow Systems CR920P, DR920L, And Compensator

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
[SHOT 2023] New Shadow Systems CR920P, DR920L, And Compensator

Shadow Systems showed off a few new models of 9mm pistols at Industry Day at the Range 2023. Their pistols share quite a bit of DNA with Glocks, but add features more often associated with custom modifications.

[SHOT 2023] New Shadow Systems Pistols

The new CR920P has the same footprint as a G48, but is essentially a G43X with a brake. Often, adding a brake to a pistol makes it much harder to find a functional holster. There are ample G48 holsters on the market so this is a smart move for compatibility. The CR920P at Range Day was a pre-production model but it ran well. Shadow Systems anticipates a Q2 delivery time frame on this model.

[SHOT 2023] CR920P (image courtesy of Shadow Systems)
The brake used on the CR920P is fairly unique. It attaches with a clamping lock that secures around a sort of tri-lug cut in the muzzle. Unlike the tri-lug units used on guns like the MP-5, there is no twisting or turning to get this brake onto the barrel. It simply slides over the muzzle and locks down.
[SHOT 2023] The CR920P compensator uses a clamping system to lock onto cutouts in the barrel.
[SHOT 2023] Three lugs are cut in the barrel, which slide into the corresponding cuts visible inside the comp. The locking mechanism (shown open here) cams down to keep the comp on the barrel. (Also note hand modeling by Shadow System CEO Trevor Roe)

Shadow Systems also had their new DR920L available on the firing line. It is a G34-size gun, pairing an extended slide with a full size frame. The DR920L is available now with an MSRP of $1175.

[SHOT 2023] DR920L promo photo, courtesy of Shadow Systems

Another new product is a compensator for existing threaded barrel Shadow Systems handguns. Set screws on the bottom of the compensator push a plate against the barrel to lock the muzzle device in place. They stressed that no screws actually make contact with the barrel or threads. Only the tensioner plate makes contact. The rear of the comp is also shaped to fit around the front slide profile used by Shadow Systems. It is shipping now, and is available on their website for $99.99.

[SHOT 2023] The Shadow Systems compensator is shaped to fit around the front of their slides.
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[SHOT 2023] XR920 equipped with the new compensator
Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Schweinemetzger308 Schweinemetzger308 on Jan 18, 2023

    Very nice. If you carry a pocket gun like this that fires a tiny little round, you better be able to hit with multiple shots, and this seems like a great solution to it.