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More on the Winchester-Burton Machine Rifle, from Forgotten Weapons

One of the early automatic rifles that has caught my interest for several years going now is the Winchester Machine Rifle, also known as the Burton Machine Rifle or the Light Machine Rifle. The Burton – as I’ll call it for the purposes of today’s post [Read More…]

GOvWgPM P1030632 M40 Tokarev IMG_0947 020_illo PHOTO_20160612_010947fixed M16_rifle_Firing_FM_23-9_Fig_2-7 1111151514badjusted The 1927 model Bang rifle, paradoxically uses the simpler and more advanced gas trap operating system! Capture ZmRw9Bz carbine1 PHOTO_20160514_221357 PHOTO_20160514_213429 9RcmM3E download 1219151459a YFillBn PHOTO_20160427_224237 DSC02055 DSC01932 akm74_004 DSC01792 a2-moscow-confiscated-guns-600-0 BCX301-R-F4-L YgTsR0x Capture new-Heat-stroke-open-pic 12928233_262257300775966_6436946132702067534_n DSC01754 hydecarbine5mod 12494916_957698610951778_6267864873623422469_n Capture unspecified HRA47573-1 automag IMG_0127l agZYimG 315D93F900000578-0-image-a-5_1455879244214

Historical cache of firearms seized in Britain

I don’t usually read The Daily Mail for its authentic and informative stories about the world, but some pretty interesting stuff does sometimes come out of it. Such as this story about a British parish council chairman in Suffolk who amassed over five hundred [Read More…]

Fedorov avtomat in its most recognizable form, as made during early 1920s for Red Army lightrifle _MG_7567 1219151459a IwmSDiG