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On the right are two types of 7.62 NATO round, the M80 and M80A1, alongside two of its predecessors. Center left is the .30 T104 ball cartridge using the 1948 T1E1 case. Left is the .300 Savage, which was the starting point for what became the 7.62 NATO. 7.62x40 WT next to its parent, the 5.56mm. 7.62x39 and two of its derivatives. Left to right: Commercial FMJ, Yugoslavian M67, 5.6x39mm/.220 Russian, 6.5x38 Grendel. w9oKHlA 0521161207b Qjvt9PH gerrperrscherr

Caliber Configuration Podcast with Yours Truly at Gun Guy Radio

Back in March, I wrote a post on caliber configuration, or the effort to create and standardize effective and economical ammunition for infantry small arms. As mentioned in the post itself, it was written as a more in-depth companion article for a podcast recorded by [Read More…]

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Sig Sauer SIG716 rifle

The SIG 716 is the new piston operated 7.62x51mm / .308 Win. rifle from Sig Sauer. The rifle will be offered in four configurations: Tactical Patrol (12.5″ barrel, almost certainly only on offer to law enforcement and military) Patrol (16″ barrel) Precision [Read More…]