[SHOT 2018] M+M Industries Canadian Legal, Romanian AK Kits

    Based out of Colorado M+M Industries has most recently announced that their 7.62x39mm M10X “International Defense Rifle” has been officially approved for sale in Canada as a Non-Restricted firearm for civilian sale. The company is working with the Canadian dealer North Slyvia Company to import the rifles, and they are going to be $1999 CAD. The approved version will have an 18-inch barrel instead of the shorter 16.5-inch barrel available in the United States. It will also come shipped with 5-round magazines instead of the usual 30-round versions that are available in the United States. It also appears that the rifle will be configured along a Designated¬†Marksman set up with Harris Bipods, a Hogue overmolded¬†pistol grip and possibly even a carrying handle as featured at the show. We tested the trigger on the show floor with a Lyman trigger gauge and it appeared to be around 2 pounds, 12 ounces over the course of 5 separate¬†pulls ranging from 3 pounds to 2 pounds, 5 ounces.

    The Canadian version will be released to the U.S. market as the M10X-DMR for $1,699.95.

    The company also upgraded some components on their standard M10X as well, with the addition of a tool-less disassembly charging handle, creating an SBR version, and making some trigger modifications. M+M also took away the short portion of Picatinny rail that was just forward of the magazine.

    At SHOT last year, one needed a pen or similar instrument to disassemble the charging handle from the bolt carrier-

    Also present was M+M’s Romanian parts kit builds. These parts are imported directly from Romania and for the most part, haven’t ever been assembled in a full rifle, essentially making them brand new. M+M will be working with their own shops and local builders to build up the necessary 922r complaint U.S. made parts. Previously these were being built with modern black furniture as the M10-762, but currently, M+M will be working with wooden furniture for a much more classic look.


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