Can This Incredibly Light Armor Hold Up To Heavy Abuse? Shot Stop Duritium III+ PA Armor Test

by Andrew

We abuse this 2.9lb Shot Stop Duritium PA Level III+ Body Armor (Model Number D1652SSB) with multiple rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO, .223, and 5.56mm, including M855A1 to assess its ability to protect beyond its rating.

Product link:
Price: $550

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CETME (20″ barrel) AR pattern rifle with 18″ 1:7″ twist medcon barrel with mid length gas system and Melonite

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Andrew is a combat veteran of OEF and has performed hundreds of ballistic tests for his YouTube channel, The Chopping Block ( He is an avid firearm collector and competitor and lives with his family in Arizona. If you have any questions, you may email him at

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  • Leacher Leacher on Jul 04, 2018

    Andrew: Please shoot it with 5.56 and some serious FPS. PE is an interessting material to me since years, and simple UHMW-PE Plates can be made by yourself for under 25USD per Plate ! I already did some by my own - but never actually got to shoot them until now. So, doing test to PE in general is highly interessting, because there simply is not much public footage of that material beeing shoot. So, even with simple solid blocks of different PE kinds, there are no results know to me. Because of what I mentioned already, that you can reform that thermoplast by yourself, it would be the most interessting DIY ballistic plate Material to me, because it does not require complex DIY steps. Just get it - heat it to 160°C and put it onto some other plate so gravity makes the rest and pulls it to some multi-curved shape and after that trim her. So: All kinds of infos about PE is great!

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    • ShootCommEverywhere ShootCommEverywhere on Jul 10, 2018

      @David S That's the thing, though - same bullets that would be loaded into the AR, but more freedom to play with the velocity. In a bolt gun you can load them as light as you want as long as they'll clear the barrel, so you can simulate shorter AR barrel lengths, or even impacts from various different ranges.

  • Pedenzo Pedenzo on Jul 05, 2018

    I cast my vote for a .50BMG test......