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IMG_1520 (1) ati-omni-hybrid-nickel-polymer-lower IMG_3655 2011_Tactical_Midsize_VZ AHEAD Air Burst Munition SIG716 Precision Sniper (non-standard desert finish) Photo © Bryan Jones the farm side_by_side_full Dissy P3245579 (1) image61 SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Colt 6920 by PracticalShootingTips solvent catchers revolt1 IMG_0013b Jordanian troops with H&K  rifles. a7aaa2b2-be41-43e2-a4bf-b2963e771c20_zpsa957d008 (1) Canadian Rangers HK_Logo_-_Smaller

Rumor: H&K USA Has Been Sold?!?!?!

According to a very active user at the HK Pro forums, H&K has been sold … I heard a little rumor this week at NASGW. Was confirmed by two different people. HK USA is being sold and will have a new owner. Bad news: HK MR762 SD is on hold. HK G36 civilan version [Read More…]