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AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun

Ever wanted a fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun, with no recoil and that can be fired one handed? The AA-12 is that gun and because you probably either are not legally qualified to own a newly manufactured one, or can’t afford to buy one, watching it on youtube is [Read More…]

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STRIKE ONE Pistol Review

Andrew at GY6 did an excellent review of the Russian/Italian STRIKE ONE pistol. He liked the pistol a lot and compared the Strike to a Glock with an aftermarket trigger. As far as I know this pistol is legal to import into the USA (its not affected by sanctions).

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POTD: Guns on Death Row

This photo was taken in Serbian in 2012 during the destruction of 17,000 confiscated firearms. The most striking thing about the photo, at least to me, is what terrible quality the weapons are. Among the serviceable weapons there are piles of ancient rusted revolvers [Read More…]