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It saddened and sickened me to read the horrific news coming out of France. Our thoughts this weekend were with the French people as they came to terms with the 5th, and deadliest, terrorist attack they have experienced this year alone. Tweets, likes, blog posts and [Read More…]

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How to avoid scope bite

Kirsten Joy Weiss’ latest video is on the subject of avoiding scope bite. Most of the time scope bite is nothing more than a slight pain and embarrassment. Other times it can be worse. A friend of mine, a veteran hunter and hunting magazine writer, has a large [Read More…]

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H&K G36 Friday Field Strip

The H&K G36 is a rifle shrouded in controversy, and to many American shooters, mystery. They are not common in the country but have made appearances in countless video games and movies. So what makes this German wonder tick? Well, let’s have a look! Thanks to our sponsors Grizzly Targets [Read More…]

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POF Puritan in 7.62x39mm Review

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the POF Puritan in 7.62x39mm. The Puritan is a piston-fired AR15 carbine with a bevy of features geared towards reliability and accuracy, but is it worth the street price of $900-$1000 for the upper? Please remember to subscribe to our channel! Thanks to our [Read More…]