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AIA M10, formally banned in the USA. trigger Jim Sullivan Timney Drop-in AR-15 Trigger IMG_7165

CMC Triggers Makes Statement

Regarding Mossberg Suing Manufacturers of Drop-In Triggers (allegedly at the request of CMC), CMC Triggers have released a statement: CMC Triggers is a Christian company, privately held and not owned by O.F. Mossberg or anyone else. We pay our bills when they’re [Read More…]

b2a5d0_1828f2cdab564427a1a672a5708e6093.png_srz_p_3344_2229_75_22_0.5_1.2_0_png_srz Prototype of the submachinegun CMP 9 (9x19mm) TXMGO Flamethrower

Article Correction: Stag Arms

In an earlier article I wrote that Stag Arms’ new owners White Wolf Capital did not announce the acquisition of Stag Arms until recently. They had, in fact, send out a press release on PR Newswire on Feb 29, the date of the acquisition. My apologies.  


Top 5 Classic Carry Guns

In the 80s and 90s, concealed carry enjoyed a renaissance that produced a slew of excellent and affordable handguns for the common man. However beginning in the early 20th century the carry of small, affordable semi-automatic pistols began to really gather steam. In this list, we explore five of the [Read More…]

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