TFB Editor Phil White Retires: “Farewell to TFB May it Prosper for many years to come!”

    Phil White Enforces Speed Limits with an Browning M2 .50 Cal.

    It is with extreme sadness we must announce the retirement of Phil White.

    Phil writes …

    Some career decisions are easy to make while others are very difficult to decide. This decision was a difficult one for me but the conclusion was obvious. When a family member is ill and will be for a long time it’s really a no-brainer. Family comes first for me and always has. With much thought in recent weeks, I concluded that as much as I enjoy my work for TFB and the writing staff I knew it was time to retire from the industry and TFB. That said my last day with TFB is today Thursday the 14th of December.

    I remember when TFB was still a young company that was about two years old. When I came on board Steve had been running things alone. Eight years ago when I started there were now two of us myself and Steve. With a lot of dedication and leadership from Steve we worked hard and put in a lot of hours growing TFB to the status it has today of being the largest gun related blog on the Internet. Of course the readers all know we have a good size writing staff now and do our best to give the readers interesting, informative content on guns of all types as well as gear and optics etc. You can’t please everyone of course but it’s always been my hope that we were fair in our coverage of the events and products we review. We never wanted politics to be a part of TFB and will always have that founding rule. My hope has also been that the vast majority of our readers are pleased with what we do as a team and enjoy a daily visit with us. Unlike many, we never take a dime to review a product and we feel good about that.

    I feel like I’ve done my very best to make TFB a pleasant and informative place for those shooters and gun related hobbyist to visit TFB for the best content.

    Of course Steve nor I could have done it without the great writing staff we have now. I have to say I’m very proud of them and the continued contribution they have made to make TFB and TFBTV better every year. Leaving is not going to be an easy thing. I’ll miss the staff, Steve and all of the companies I’ve worked with over the years to present the readers with the newest and best products in our great hobby. Of course, it goes without saying I’ll miss my interaction with the TFB readers whether it’s in the comments, answering email questions as well as questions posted on Facebook. My replacement will likely be named within the next week and Steve will certainly let you all know.

    As I retire I want to extend my most sincere thanks to everyone for their support over the years. There is no doubt I will miss TFB and our readers greatly for a long time to come.

    Phil W
    Associate Editor

    Steve, TFB’s Editor-in-Chief writes …

    How do you sum up a man like Phil White in a single blog post? Its not possible.


    Phil is a prince among men and it has been my honor and privilege to have worked with Phil so long.  It is incredibly sad that we are parting ways professionally, although we will remain close friends indefinitely.
    Many of you probably don’t know that Phil was a blogger in his own right many years ago. We were introduced by a mutual colleague. I met someone with a very different background, but someone who shared the same enthusiasm, values, politics and faith as me. I also found someone who, like me, was tolerant of all people regardless of their background, religion or their politics. Phil and I kept both of each others politics in check over the past years, calming each other down and so TFB stayed true to its “firearms not politics” slogan over 10 years.
    We fought many battles in the early days. Nobody cared less about a blog back then. At best we were ignored, at worst we were openly insulted. We stuck with it and today TFB is a thought leader. Phil literally changed a billion dollar industry, and helped bring it into the 21st century. Few people can say they did that!
    I have so much respect for Phil. He is honest, reliable and extremely hard working. I know he is also a great father and a wonderful husband. I have learnt a lot for Phil, and Phil’s example will continue to inspire and guide me for years, if not decades, to come.
    Phil thank you for all your help, for sharing the lows with me as well as the highs. I hope you leave TFB with a sense of pride for what you accomplished.
    Goodbye Phil, you contribution will never be forgotten.
    James Reeves writes …
    Phil is one of the kindest men I’ve had the privilege to work for; so much so that you almost forget that he’s retired law enforcement, until he hits you with that well-worn cop wit. Phil was a successful editor and gun blogger, not just because he was knowledgeable, but primarily because he is so damn likeable. Because of this, Phil might be one of the most respected and connected bloggers in the gun industry, and I know that there are going to be a lot of gun companies who are will be saddened when they hear about Phil’s retirement. While I wish Phil the best in his retirement,  I can’t help but begrudge his decision, because he’s leaving behind shoes we’ll never be able to fill.
     Adam S writes …
    In my short tenure with TFB, I have come to know Phil fairly well and I can only speak highly and respectfully of him. He is a man traditionally of few words, but what he always said carried a significant amount of weight. His tutelage, guidance and sage advice have helped me grow more as a writer in 2 years than I likely had the previous 5 years or more. Aside from knowing him in a business capacity, he is truly a man’s man when speaking to him about life, the outdoors and family. His simple, country demeanor paired with his love and gratitude towards others make it impossible to not love the guy if you get to know him. I, personally, hold him high within my mind. The way he carries himself, executes tasks and journeys forward through difficult and adverse times reminds me of my father. Like many of you reading this, my father is the greatest man in my life; therefore, Phil is an equally great man. I am saddened to see Phil leave, but I wish him the best in any and all endeavors he pursues. We shall all miss him.
    Pete M. writes …
    It is not often you get to work with someone who combines knowledge and experience alongside a common sense management style. Phil is a genuinely good person who treats people with respect and dignity and asked for nothing but the same in return. Enjoy your second retirement my friend. You’ve earned it

    Phil White is being succeeded by Pete M. To arrange reviews on TFB contact pete at [email protected] .

    Steve Johnson

    I founded TFB in 2007 and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online. I retired as Editor in Chief in 2017. During my decade at TFB I was fortunate to work with the most amazing talented writers and genuinely good people!