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Lone Star Medics and Active Response Training recently held their first new joint medical/shotgun class, called "Operation: Alamo". Walther Arms has released their DDAM Kit, an ankle carry rig for EDC medical gear. The New ITS TraumaQuick Rapid Access System Trauma Kit Students in Lone Star Medics' "Medicine X" class learn lifesaving medical skills integrated with practical shooting competencies. Galco's Ankle Trauma Medical Kit is available now. FlatPack

Is POWER ARMOR on the Horizon? New Technologies Could Unlock the Door – Brief Thoughts 003

When the subject is the future of infantry, the conversation inevitably turns to one thing: Powered, armored exoskeletons. Since the publication of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers in 1959, the concept of an armored suit with enhanced mobility from an internal power [Read More…]

Palm pistol a medical device!

Snowflakes In Hell has the word that the Palm Pistol will be classified as a medical device by the FDA. It is designed with people in mind who could not use a regular firearm, such as invalids or the elderly. The inventor said: All the “experts” said the Palm Pistol [Read More…]