Galco Gunleather’s Ankle Trauma Medical Kit Available Now

    Galco's Ankle Trauma Medical Kit is available now.

    Galco's Ankle Trauma Medical Kit is available now.

    Firearms usage and medical preparedness go hand in hand. Whether you’re enjoying a casual range day, hunting, shooting competitively, or carrying a concealed handgun in your everyday life, unfortunately mishaps can and do happen from time to time. Many shooting organizations and competitive bodies are increasingly encouraging or requiring their members and participants to include some form of trauma medical kit in their gear lists. Plenty of quality defensive shooting instructors are championing the practice of including medical gear in your EDC as well. Galco Gunleather has shared a carry method that you may find useful. Meet the Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit, available now. The release reads:


    The ankle rig's contents can be customized to meet your medical EDC needs.

    The ankle rig’s contents can be customized to meet your medical EDC needs.

    July 9th, 2020

    Stay Safer with Galco’s Ankle Trauma Medical Kit – PHOENIX –

    In today’s turbulent times, it’s not enough to carry just a firearm. Most self-defense experts now also recommend carrying an individual first aid kit, should you or someone else become injured, whether in a natural disaster or a defensive situation.

    Galco’s Ankle Trauma Medical Kit (ATM-KIT™) carrier is designed for convenient everyday carry of medical tools and supplies for first responders, gun carriers, or anyone who wishes to be prepared in an increasingly dangerous world.

    The ATM-KIT’s comfortable, high-grade neoprene band offers secure hook-and-loop closure with five neoprene pockets of various widths, each with a retention strap for security. It accommodates tools and equipment like tourniquets, strap cutters, knives, multitools, bandages, clotting agents or other emergency rescue and first-aid gear.

    The ATM-KIT fits ankle/boot circumferences up to 16″. For those who wear boots or have larger legs, a Boot Extender is available which increases circumference up to 21″. The ATM-KIT does not include tools or supplies (shown here for illustration purposes). Emergency rescue tools and first aid supplies are sold separately by other sources.

    The ATM-KIT is ambidextrous and available in black with an MSRP of $73. Don’t leave home without it!

    Galco International, LTD is the designer and manufacturer of the Galco holster brand, the premier American-made line of superb-quality holsters, belts and accessories. Encompassing law enforcement, military, defensive and sporting use, the Galco brand utilizes leather, nylon, injection-molded plastic and Kydex® to meet the demands of today’s consumers. The award-winning Matrix™ line of holsters and accessories, women’s holster handbags, tactical slings and hunting accessories round out the line. All Galco products are proudly made in the USA since 1969.

    The consequences of not having medical gear available when you need it could be devastating.

    The consequences of not having medical gear available when you need it could be devastating.

    While this is not the only ankle medkit option out there on the market, and it’s not a new product for Galco, their press release is as relevant today as ever. Have you gotten any medical training? Do you include medical gear as part of your EDC loadout? If not, might this ankle rig help you change that? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Stay safe out there! See you at the range.


    Photos courtesy of Galco Gunleather.
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