[SHOT 2020] Rapid Stop Tourniquet

    New Rapid Stop Tourniquet

    Walking through the Wednesday Pop-Up showcase is always a mixed bag.  Most of the booths are things that would not warrant a full display at SHOT.  I do, however, enjoy heading up there and looking for the diamonds in rough.  I think this year Rapid Stop Tourniquet was my favorite find.

    Available in Black(Tactical) Orange (EMS) Blue(training)

    As an instructor for CCW classes, I focus on when, why and how to put holes in a threat.  I am a little embarrassed to say I do not address how to render aid to self or others after the shooting is over.  (This will change!)

    A tourniquet (TQ) is a valuable tool that serves a specific function and performs far better than improvised items.  It is a serious situation when a TQ is called for and therefor the simple, easy, fast and robust design is the right one.  The Rapid Stop is all of these things.

    Rapid Stop uses a ratchet mechanism to apply extra tension.

    The Rapid Stop is easy to apply. Place the TQ on the limb on the heart side of the injury.  Pull the D-Ring to tighten the TQ.  Work the ratchet until the bleeding stops.  If the limb is trapped there is a simple buckle that can be undone to get the TQ around the limb.

    Easy buckle system for trapped limbs.

    As far as form factor is concerned the Rapid Stop is very similar to the other popular Tourniquets on the market.  It is not much heavier and will fit in most TQ pouches or holsters.

    Another shot of the buckle system.

    To view an application and occlusion test with the Rapid Stop up against conventional windlass style TQs check out the Rapid Stop website at  https://us.rapid-stop.com/#!/up 

    In speaking to the reps at the booth I was told they are in the process of TCCC certification, which is not the be all end all, but is a good litmus test as to the merits of a life-saving product.  The Rapid Stop is projected to be on the market in Mid February 2020 and will retail for $34.99