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Internet Gun Fraduster Caught

Webster has been known throughout the internet gun buying world as a most elusive purveyors of internet fraud operating in our small corner of the internet buying world. He has claimed victims from nearly every popular internet discussion forum, posting guns for sale [Read More…]

More on Sabre Defence Auction

Nashville Business Journal reports that Alabama-based machine gun manufacturer Manroy USA has put in a $2.4 million bid on Sabre Defence. US Ordnance and Colt Defense are also interested. [ Many thanks to John for emailing me the link. ]

Changes to SHOT Show in 2012

SHOT Show ’11, which kicks off next week, is going to be smaller (in terms of exhibitor space) than last year because SHOT-goers complained about the lack of space. It was very crowded last year. Next year it is set to be even smaller. A draw for floor space will [Read More…]

Bushmaster factory closed

The Bushmaster factory in Windham, Maine will close at the end of March next year. The Freedom Group is consolidating production. The full press release … Freedom Group, Inc. (“The Company”), the world’s leading innovator, designer, manufacturer, and [Read More…]

Safir opening factory in USA

Turkish AR-15 rifle and AR-15 shotgun manufacturer Safir Arms is opening up a manufacturing facility in Willingboro, NJ. Dawood Qureshi, who works for the current distributor of Safir Arms in the United States, left this comment on this blog … Safir Arms is [Read More…]

A visit to the Ruger factory

Mr Completely and KeeWee visited the Ruger factory in Prescott, AZ. Mr Completely says … It seemed like we had just started out tour, and suddenly it was lunch time. As we were walking back to the front of the plant and to the reception area, a number of thoughts [Read More…]

“Gun City”

Every so often I tell you, my reader, that an article or video must be read or watched. This is article about the “Gun City” of the Philippines is a must-read. In the city of Danao, craftsmen have been hand making firearms for over a century. In the past [Read More…]

The Real Firearm in India

Last year I wrote about the poor state of the Indian firearm industry. A government monopoly on manufacture, restrictions on imports and reluctance to issue firearm licenses has resulted in a declining industry. What I did not know is that while the state factories are [Read More…]