Interview with Gunsmithing Student Jeremy Chan

    I am often asked by readers how they can become gunsmiths, but, never having gone down that path, I am as clueless as they are. My friend Albert Rasch has published an interview with Jeremy Chan, a gunsmithing student at the Trinidad State Junior College Gunsmithing Program. The interview is well worth reading.

    Albert writes

    I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to a young man who is now studying to become a gunsmith at Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado. Jeremy Chan is now immersed in the famous gunsmithing program started by none other than PO Ackley famous writer, gunsmith, and wildcatter. I think we will be seeing some great things from him in the future, and I want you, my fellow sportsmen, shooters, tinkerers, and students to be the first to get to know him!

    Read the interview here.

    Steve Johnson

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