Sabre Defence owner Guy Savage arrested

    Sabre Defence owner Guy Savage and four other company officers have been arrested for arms trafficking. KnoxNews reports

    Prosecutors say the owner of Sabre, 42-year-old Guy Savage, directed the illegal activities from his home in the United Kingdom and from a related company, Sabre Defence Industries LTD, a UK-based weapons manufacturer and importer also owned by Savage.

    The ATF raided Sabre last year. They claimed to be investigating investigating employees re-selling parts without a license. The below is a post published on


    To end the speculation. I would be most grateful if you would post this on the forum. We released this to the media yesterday in response to what was going on. I was in my office till 4 am working through this with the US facility and my lawyers.


    Guy Savage CEO

    Sabre Defence Industries

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., February 17, 2010 – Sabre Defence Industries LLC, an established manufacturer of firearms and weapon systems to the United States military, state and local law enforcement, and worldwide commercial markets, is fully cooperating with federal agents in an ongoing investigation into potential criminal misuse of certain non-saleable firearms produced by Sabre and purchased by some its employees. Sabre has received information that employee(s) involved in inventory control may have obtained and re-sold some items without appropriate licenses. Sabre is and has been cooperating with federal agents in this investigation.

    My take on the situation is that the BATFE were looking for a lot more than some M16 receivers being re-sold by employees.

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    UPDATE: The Tennessean has more …

    A federal grand jury charged Nashville-based gun manufacturer and U.S. military supplier Sabre Defence Industries and five company officers with illegal international arms trafficking.

    Sabre owner Guy Savage, a United Kingdom citizen, and Middle Tennessee residents President Charles Shearon, Chief Financial Officer Elmer Hill, Director of Sales Michael Curlett and International Purchasing Manager Arnold See Jr., are the individuals charged.

    They also face charges of conspiracy, making false statements, smuggling, wire fraud and mail fraud in the 21-count indictment unsealed today.

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