“Gun City”

    Every so often I tell you, my reader, that an article or video must be read or watched. This is article about the “Gun City” of the Philippines is a must-read. In the city of Danao, craftsmen have been hand making firearms for over a century. In the past fifteen years the local politicians have managed to legalise this cottage industry. Reportage reports (Tip: Click the “Print to PDF link in the top left hand corner) …

    In the Philippines, they call this city the ‘Gun City’. For more than a century, in Danao, the people have earned a living from making weapons. Pistols, revolvers or automatic weapons, they know how to make them all by hand. The city hall set up a cooperative to legalize this activity. But in order to make more money, thousands of manufacturers, indeed
    the vast majority of them, continue to produce their weapons illegally for the mafia networks, or for local politicians.

    [ Many thanks to Todd for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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