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Cleaning guns

James discusses cleaning guns. Part 1. Part 2. I think, at least for new shooters, the additional cost of cleaning equipment over and above the cost and the gun and ammunition is probably the number one reason good guns get destroyed.

Mini-Review: The Dental Pick

One of the most useful gun cleaning / smithing tools I have is a dental pick. The dental pick I use looks like the one pictured 3rd from the right. Dental picks can be used for any number of common tasks such as scraping powder residue out of hard to reach places, [Read More…]

Cleaning the AR-15

The Anarchangel has tips on preventing your AR-15 rifle turning into an expensive bolt action. So it seems like Ambulance Driver is having a little trouble with his AR. It’ll run for 30-100 rounds, then it becomes a straight pull bolt action. Well, we’ve all [Read More…]

Don’t let your guns look like this

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 has posted photos showing a .50 BMG rifle that was not cleaned after shooting corrosive ammo. Makes me want to cry to see something that like so abused! More photos of the rifle at a Keyboard and a .45.

Gun washing machine

This is what I want for Christmas 😀 F636HT Heavy Duty Long Gun & Handgun System This combination of features gives you an extremely active tank that has no dead or hot spots resulting in maximum cleaning capability for heavy duty use. This technology allows the [Read More…]