My Apple Keyboard is covered with ancient Swiss grease

    So I was giving my car a much needed clean and I found1 a long forgotten surplus Swiss SIG 510 rifle cleaning kit. Having never given it a second look since the time I bought it on the cheap, I take it inside and examined it. It contains two plastic bottles. I expected one to be used for oil and the other for solvent, but I was wrong. They both were full of grease. Long story short, I manage to get this ancient Swiss grease on my fingers and then, replying to an email, I get it on my beautiful new aluminum Apple keyboard!

    Grease bottles on the left. has a review of these kits

    I keep gun grease handy for the occasional application to a sear or trigger linkage, but this one kit contains far more grease than I have ever used on a firearm. Can someone please explain to me why a Swiss solider would need not one but two bottles of grease? Enlighten me!

    1. One of the advantages of being a gun nut is that just about every drawer, cupboard and shelf contains a long forgotten but highly useful piece of equipment. 

    Steve Johnson

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