Mini-Review: The Dental Pick

    One of the most useful gun cleaning / smithing tools I have is a dental pick.

    The dental pick I use looks like the one pictured 3rd from the right.

    Dental picks can be used for any number of common tasks such as scraping powder residue out of hard to reach places, holding down springs and miscellaneous adjustments. If you plink with dirty .22 LR ammunition they can be used to gently scrape off the powder that accumulates on the bolt face, so you can keep on shooting without feeding problems and without having to strip the gun.

    They do have limitations. Because they are made from hard stainless steel you have to be gentle with them and you should keep away from outside finish of a gun.

    A single stainless steel dental pick costs only a few dollars on eBay.

    They get a 5 star rating from me, at only a few dollars they are worth every cent.

    Picture 14-16

    Steve Johnson

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