Impressive Video From Italian Gun Grease

    Italian Gun Grease (IGG) is a new true grease (a technical term not a marketing term) for lubricating firearms. Normally I am unimpressed with new lubricants and don’t pay a lot of attention to them (you can try my teflon-infused RemOil from my cold dead fingers) but I found this video demonstration of the lubricating properties of the IGG Tactical formula compared with Remington RemOil, Winchester BreakFree and Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil very impressive …

    The company is giving away free samples of their Tactical Formula (well, they are charging $0.05 for them, but close enough to free).

    Would y’all like us to run our own tests on this lubricant? Can you make any suggestions on how we could compare it with other lubricants? Bear in mind we do not have scientific measuring equipment.

    Steve Johnson

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