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POTD: M16 and M1 Garand

Photo Of The Day – We travel back in time to 1964 for some Apocalypse Now feeling. The main firearm here is the M16, which looks fresh out of the crate. But you can also see some M1 Garands. In short, the M16 in 5.56×45 mm was being introduced, and the Garand [Read More…]

10 Rare and Unusual Firearms Seen in the Rock Island September 2018 Premiere Firearms Auction Catalog (7)

Kalashnikov vs. Schmeisser: Myths, Legends, and Misconceptions [GUEST POST]

The following is an article that was originally written in Russian by TFB contributor Maxim Popenker, and Andrey Ulanov, and translated to English by Peter Samsonov. With their permission, I have replicated the text here, and edited it, for the enrichment of you, our [Read More…]

M1 Garand Field Strip

The American M1 Garand was the world’s first general issue semi-automatic rifle. It is famous for many reasons (such as the harmonious ping it makes when ejecting its en bloc clip), but it is a magnificent piece of engineering that you can only truly appreciate by seeing what’s inside. [Read More…]