POTD: M16 and M1 Garand

    Photo Of The Day – We travel back in time to 1964 for some Apocalypse Now feeling.

    The main firearm here is the M16, which looks fresh out of the crate. But you can also see some M1 Garands.

    In short, the M16 in 5.56×45 mm was being introduced, and the Garand in 30-06 was being phased out, making the picture interesting due to the shifting of firearms.

    The Garand got its name from the designer John Garand. In the US Military, it is now used by military drill teams and honor guards.

    A U.S. adviser accompanies South Vietnamese soldiers on a river patrol, June 1964.

    You can notice a holster for a pistol on the soldier’s right side.

    For more information about the Vietnam War, you can check here.

    The source for this picture: History Lovers Club / Vintage Pictures Of Brave Patrol Officers.