ZEISS Secacam 5 and 7 – New High-End Trail Cameras

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ZEISS has introduced two trail cameras – the ZEISS Secacam 5 and ZEISS Secacam 7. Hunting trail cameras have revolutionized the way hunters track and monitor wildlife, and provide you with vital information about what kind of animals (and people) visit your land or property.

Zeiss Optics @ TFB:

Below: ZEISS Secacam 7 (left) and ZEISS Secacam 5 (right). The resolution of transmitted photos is
1920 x 1440 pixels. The CMOS Sensor has a resolution of 5 MP (12 MP interpolated).

These compact devices employ motion sensors and high-resolution cameras to capture images or videos of animals in their natural habitat. Designed to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, they provide valuable insights into animal behavior, helping hunters scout for game and identify patterns. With advancements in technology, many trail cameras now offer wireless connectivity, enabling real-time data retrieval. Hunters use these devices strategically to enhance their hunting strategies, allowing for informed decision-making.

Here’s the news in Zeiss’ own words:

Oberkochen, Germany | ZEISS Consumer Products

Based on the acquisition of the Secacam brand announced in June 2023, ZEISS is now presenting the ZEISS Secacam 5 and ZEISS Secacam 7, its first own trail cameras, to the market. The trail cameras impress with their outstanding image quality, weather-resistant technology, simple setup and operation, and extensive network coverage in the field.
“For a successful and responsible hunt, it is essential to get the deepest possible insight into the population and movements of the game in the hunting area. Transmission-capable trail cameras are therefore part of the indispensable hunting equipment”, states Sebastian Doentgen, Head of Category Management, Marketing, Sales & Service at ZEISS. In order to be able to clearly identify the game, the recording quality of a trail camera is crucial. This poses a challenge, especially at night. Thanks to the infrared flash of the 60 Black LEDs, which is invisible to humans and animals, intelligent lighting regulation and the particularly light-intensive photo sensor, ZEISS trail cameras record sharp, detailed and optimally illuminated photos and videos both during the day and in complete darkness.
“With our many years of experience in the development of high-quality and robust outdoor devices and demanding test procedures, we are setting new standards in the quality and durability of trail cameras,” says Doentgen. The weather- and water-resistant housings of the ZEISS Secacam 5 and 7 and the perfect matching of components, such as the motion detector, photo sensor or transmitter module, guarantee excellent yet extremely energy-saving wildlife cameras – even under demanding conditions.
“The installation of a trail camera should be as quick and uncomplicated as possible. With the ZEISS Secacam 5 and 7, we placed particular focus on this,” reports Doentgen. “Thanks to the effortless and simple setup, the ZEISS trail camera is immediately ready for use.” Large buttons with backlighting allow easy operation, even in the dark and cold. With the 50 x 40 mm color display, captured images and videos can be viewed and reviewed in high quality. Numerous mounting options provide the right option for any environment.
Thanks to the reliable transmission capability and extensive network coverage in Europe, the ZEISS wildlife cameras allow a view of nature at all times, even in difficult network conditions. The modern LTE module with integrated ZEISS multi-roaming SIM card can dial into networks from a wide range of providers and automatically selects the best network available at the installation location. This means that all recorded images and videos can be accessed at any time on the mobile device via the ZEISS Secacam app using monthly data plans or prepaid service. Additional features, such as remote control or animal detection, are available in accordance with the three-tier and flexibly adaptable service plans.
Excellent image quality, stable transmission capability and the high-quality manufacturing combine the two ZEISS trail camera models. The ZEISS Secacam 5 is particularly impressive due to its compact size and low weight. This makes it particularly easy and flexible to use. The ZEISS Secacam 7, on the other hand, is characterized by its convenient operation and mounting. The recording lens is placed over a front flap, so that the recording area can be checked directly on the display, making mounting even easier. With its own battery magazine, batteries can be replaced conveniently and quickly without having to disassemble the camera.
The new ZEISS trail cameras will be available from December 5, 2023, at an RRP of €229 for the ZEISS Secacam 5 and an RRP of €279 for the ZEISS Secacam 7 at retailers and in the online store ( shop.zeiss.com) in over 35 countries in Europe (including Switzerland, Norway and the UK). You can find more information at www.zeiss.com/hunting/trailcam.
ZEISS Secacam 7 (left) and ZEISS Secacam 5 (right).

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