[SHOT 2024] Mesa Tactical Adds Products For Beretta 1301

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

In celebration of its 20-year anniversary, renowned firearm accessories company, Mesa Tactical, is expanding its product line with innovative additions specifically designed for the Beretta 1301. This announcement has spurred immense interest among firearm owners and enthusiasts keen on upgrading and optimizing their gear.

At the heart of these advancements is the distinct reflex sight mount, tailor-made to accommodate red dot sights with RMR footprint. Designed with the user in mind, this mount synergizes with the factory ghost ring sights of the Beretta 1301. Priced at a market-sensitive $69.95, the optic mount stands as a testament to Mesa Tactical’s dedication to providing high-quality accessories without compromising affordability in their product line.

Further enhancing firm’s commitment to versatility and customer preference, Mesa Tactical is also offering a version of the optic mount incorporated with a SureShell shell carrier. Depending on material and capacity, the prices for these models range from $113 to $133, broadening the options available to customers.

In addition to these special additions, Mesa Tactical has announced the introduction of a striking new accessory – the Truckee handguard. Specifically designed for the Beretta 1301, the Truckee handguard marks another milestone for Mesa Tactical’s innovative product line. Moreover, there is anticipation brewing among consumers with word that models catered to the Remington 870 and Mossberg 930/940 are also in the pipeline.

This latest expansion in Mesa Tactical’s product roster reaffirms its longstanding reputation as a leading provider of innovative and value-for-money firearm accessories. The Beretta 1301 owners can now look forward to improved performance and enhanced user experience.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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