NEW Zero Compromise ZC Hunter 1.7-12×50 Riflescope

    Zero Compromize ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 Riflescope

    The Zero Compromize ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 Riflescope, European version.

    Zero Compromise Optics released their first-ever all-around and hunting-focused riflescope at IWA OutdoorClassics last week. The final touches are still in the works, but it’s been named ZC Hunter 1.7-12×50 and you can see a “live” image of it below.

    Zero Compromise Optics @ TFB

    As you can see, the scope has the usual ZC finish and the top turret has a cap to protect the settings for height adjustment. The main tube is 36mm, but there should be plenty of options for mounts available now. This model of the ZC Hunter will only be available in Europe. For the US market, they will release another model, more focused on the needs of US customers.

    Zero Compromize ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 Riflescope

    Time flies, and in 2020 I tested and reviewed the Zero Compromise ZC527 riflescope, which was a great experience. The ZC Hunter displayed at IWA did not have all the lenses ready, so it was not possible to evaluate the optics in any way.

    This is what Zero Compromise has communicated:

    As many of you may have seen, we recently unveiled at IWA a new 1.7-12×50 model, the ZC Hunter.

    The new ZC Hunter was designed specifically for our European market, and it will only be available in that market. This is a pre-production model, still in the preliminary testing and evaluation phase, so it may undergo a few changes before final production and will likely be an extended period of time before even reaching those dealers.

    We are currently working on a version for our US market, designed with features that focus more on the US hunting market needs. That model will also not be available for some time however, and we will release more information regarding that specific model once it becomes available.

    For more details on the current European ZC Hunter, you can download our spec sheet here.

    Zero Compromize ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 Riflescope

    Here are the specifications:

    • Magnification Objective ∅ (mm): 1,7-12 50
    • Main tube ∅ (mm): 36
    • Impact point adj. (mm/100m) Elevation (cm/100m) Windage (cm/100m): 10 / 230 / 230
    • Field of View (m/100m): 24,2 – 3,3
    • Eye relief (mm) 95
    • Length (mm) 340
    • Weight (gramm) 800
    • Illumination red | green
    • Focal plane: 1. / 2.
    • Diopter adjustment:  -3,5 | +3
    • Exit pupil (mm): 29 – 4,2

    Zero Compromize ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 Riflescope

    There was no price mentioned and the same goes for the availability other than: “It’s not being released very soon.

    Zero Compromize ZC Hunter 1.7-12x50 Riflescope

    What do you think? What would our readers in the US market (and others, of course) like if they got to specify their own ZC Hunter?

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