Taurus Expedition: New Bolt-Action For Hunters

Zac K
by Zac K

Taurus might be best known for its pistols, but it’s putting lots of effort into its rifle lineup as well these days. Case in point: They’re now selling their first bolt-action rifle in the U.S. market, the all-new Taurus Expedition.

Taurus @ TFB:

Actually, “all-new” might be a bit of a stretch, as this rifle is based on a Remington 700-style action. That won’t bother buyers, as the Rem700 design has been trusted for decades.

Taurus says the new rifle is “designed by hunters, built for hunters, and ready for your biggest adventure.” The design includes touches such as a scalloped stock that lets the rifle sit easily in gun saddles. There’s also an M-LOK attachment slot underneath the stock, as well as a Spartan Precision attachment point built into the stock.

The Taurus Expedition has an 18-inch hammer-forged barrel with six-groove rifling, and Taurus says it “often” delivers sub-MOA accuracy (of course, the user and their ammunition will play an important part here). Currently, Taurus only offers the Expedition chambered in .308 Winchester, feeding from a five-round AICS-pattern magazine. One magazine is included with the rifle.

The barrel is made of stainless steel, but comes with a diamond-like coating that repels rain and keeps corrosion at bay. The action also has a DLC finish. At this point, the Expedition has no iron sights; it comes drilled-and-tapped with 6-48 threads.

Unloaded, and with no scope, Taurus says the Expedition weighs 112.87 ounces, just a hair over 7 pounds. Not terribly heavy, but also not a high-speed-low-drag ultralight mountain rifle.

Taurus Expedition Rifle

MSRP is $984.99. For more info, check out Taurus’ website here.

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  • J.N. III J.N. III on Jun 21, 2024

    Ah, yes, if I had to pick which family of rifle-action I'd want a manufacturer with eternally dodgey QC issues like Taurus to make for me, it would absolutely be the one which has already been stalked with a decade or more of concerns about defective manual safeties.

    Surely THEY will do a better job then Remlin did!

  • Evan Evan on Jun 22, 2024

    Yeah, I'm not paying $1000 for anything made by Taurus.

    I kinda wonder who the target market for this is. Most Taurus fans aren't the kind of people in the market for a hunting rifle, and anyone who is looking for a quality firearm won't be going for a Taurus. And the people who just want a deer rifle but aren't particularly concerned with who makes it can get a Savage or Ruger American for less than half the price.