New Steel: A Double-Stack EAA Corp / Girsan Witness2311

by Pete
New Steel: A Double Stack EAA Corp / Girsan Witness2311

EAA Corp has just announced the Girsan Witness2311, as the first affordable double-stack 1911 pistol. Chambered in either 9mm, 45ACP, or 10mm, the Witness2311 will be available to the retail market soon, apparently making its debut at the upcoming 2023 SHOT Show in mid January. With a starting price of $999, EAA intends to make the double-stack 1911 more accessible to the budget-minded shooter. Additional details can be found below.

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New Steel: A Double Stack EAA Corp / Girsan Witness2311
New Steel: A Double Stack EAA Corp / Girsan Witness2311

New Steel: A Double Stack EAA Corp / Girsan Witness2311

Starting at $999. (Our competition ranges from $1500 to $3000)

Press Release:

The new Witness2311® by Girsan was built to be affordable and one of the highest quality double stack 1911s today.

Designed to utilize standard double stack 1911 magazines as well as the traditional polymer grip, receiver, and the top end of Girsan 1911 handguns (in 9mm, 45ACP, and 10mm) the Witness 2311® is as versatile as it is revolutionary. “The new Witness2311® doesn’t just innovate a small market, it opens it up to a whole new consumer” said Chase Duffey, National Sales & Import Manager at EAA Corp. “The reliability of a Girsan 1911 now available with a much larger capacity and at a price point that everyone can afford, there really is no downside to this new handgun.”

Available in 9mm (17 round capacity), 45 ACP (11 round capacity) and 10mm (15 round capacity) the Girsan 2311® is the perfect handgun for concealed carry, competition and even bear defense, but the most shocking detail about the new Witness2311® may be the price. MSRP starts at $999 and dealer orders are being accepted now! They will be available for purchase at finer sporting goods and firearm stores nationwide soon.


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  • Joe S Joe S on Jan 02, 2023

    I'm confused at the naming. It made sense to me that Oracle arms called their double stack 1911-thing something different than 2011, but EAA could have just as easily called theirs a Witness2011, if they're going to play copycat, they might as well do it on a known/familiar model.

  • Lowell houser Lowell houser on Jan 05, 2023

    Oh, hey, lookitthat, a 2011 at the $1000 price point with affordable magazines in 9mm. Gee, I wonder if it's going to sell well.