Senop to Supply More Laser Sights and Night Vision for the Finnish Defence Forces

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Senop to Supply More Laser Sights and Night Vision for the Finnish Defence Forces

The Finnish Minister of Defense Antti Kaikkonen has authorized the Logistics Department of the Defense Forces to acquire more combat equipment from Senop Oy. The order is described as significant and includes laser sights and NVG monocular image intensifiers. The value of the acquisition is in the region of 24 million Euros.

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The order includes the LUKE Tactical Laser Sight which is a multifunctional laser sight with visible laser, IR laser and IR illuminator and can be used in both day and night-time operations. It is powered by a CR123 battery.

The NVGs are their EVA 40 Night Vision Goggles, which are said to be one of the lightest high-performance NVGs on the market.

Here is what Senop Oy had to say about the order in their press release:

Senop Oy has received a purchase order from the Finnish Defence Forces Logistic Command for deliveries of laser sights and image intensifiers. The order is significant and is a continuation of the procurement contracts made in 2020 and 2021. With this acquisition the Finnish Defence Forces further develops soldiers’ capability to fight effectively 24/7 in demanding environments. The order value is more than €24 M excluding VAT and delivery of the new systems is scheduled for the years 2023 and 2024.

The order consists of soldier’s laser sights, tactical laser sights, and NVG monocular image intensifiers. The Senop LUKE Soldier’s Laser Sight is a light, simple, and robust laser sight to withstand high recoils and extremely challenging use in military conditions. The Senop LUKE Tactical Laser Sight is a multi-functional laser sight with a visible laser, an IR laser, and an IR illuminator. The Senop EVA 40 NVG is one of the lightest high-performance NVGs on the market. The Senop EVA 40 utilises cutting-edge aspheric, high-precision glass optics combined with the state-of-the-art composite materials to provide a high level of usability and performance.

Senop laser sights and image intensifiers are developed in close co-operation with the Finnish Defence Forces. Intensive field tests by FDF test teams have been conducted in 2019 and 2020 in demanding conditions. Special attention has been paid to the performance, ergonomics, durability, and low weight of the devices in the process of their development. Energy management is a key requirement especially in Arctic conditions. All these devices can operate both AA and CR123 batteries. The Senop EVA 40 NVG can also be equipped with an external power supply to increase its operating hours.

“We are very proud to be able to support the development of the Finnish Defence Forces’ night fighting capability with new solutions and equipment”, says Aki Korhonen, CEO of Senop. “Our professionals have supported operations in the field, thus completing ergonomics and durability of the new devices. We are also committed to providing technical support and training to the FDF during the whole introduction phase. The co-operation with FDF has been excellent”, Korhonen highlights.

Senop builds new capabilities by tailoring solutions according to customer’s specific needs and requirements. Senop’s Defence & Security portfolio consist of high-performance image intensifiers, night sights, intelligent thermal sights, handheld target acquisition and observation systems, vehicle camera systems, hyperspectral cameras, and multipurpose container-based platform solutions.

Images: Senop and Finnish Ministry of Defence.

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