Finnish Defence Forces Order Laser Sights & Image Intensifiers

    Finnish Defence Forces Order Laser Sights & Image Intensifiers

    The Finnish Defence Forces Logistic Command has ordered a variety of lasers and image intensifiers from Senop Finland. In total, the contract is worth more than 13.6 million Euros and the deliveries from Senop will continue towards the end of October of the next year.

    You can find information about the Senop M20 Tactical Laser here, and their NVG M40 Monocular here.

    Finnish Defence Forces Order Laser Sights & Image Intensifiers

    The Senop NVG M40 Monocular can be seen below. It is AA/CR123 powered.

    Finnish Defence Forces Order Laser Sights & Image Intensifiers

    Picture: Finnish Army

    Below you can read Senop’s announcement in full:

    Finnish Defence Forces Logistic Command has placed an order to purchase laser sights and additional NVG M40 image intensifiers from Senop Oy. The value of the contract is more than 13.6 M€ excluding VAT and Senop will deliver the systems by the end of October 2022.

    The order consists of Soldier’s Lasers, Tactical Lasers, and additional purchase of NVG M40 Monocular (FDF code: NVG M20) image intensifiers. Senop Soldier’s Laser Sight M20 is light, simple and robust laser sight to withstand high recoils and extremely demanding use in military conditions. Senop Tactical Laser M20 is a multi-functional laser sight with a visible laser, an IR laser, and an IR illuminator. Senop NVG M40 Monocular is one of the lightest high-performance NVGs on the market. M40 utilizes cutting-edge aspheric high-precision glass optics combined with composite materials to provide a high level of usability and performance.

    Senop laser sights and image intensifiers are developed in close co-operation with the Finnish Defence Forces. Intensive field tests have been conducted in demanding conditions since 2019. Energy management is a key requirement especially in arctic conditions. All these devices (laser sights and NVGs) can operate both AA- and CCR123 batteries. NVG M40 Monocular can also be equipped with external power supply to increase the operating hours.

    “In this program, the end user of the equipment, the soldier, has been at the centre”, Aki Korhonen, Managing Director of Senop, points out. “For this reason, field tests and feedback from the test team have played a major role in the development. Our engineers have supported operations on the field, thus completing ergonomics and durability. The co-operation with FDF has been excellent”, Korhonen highlights.

    Senop builds new capabilities by tailoring solutions according to customer’s specific needs and requirements. Senop’s Defence & Security portfolio consist of high-performance image intensifiers, night sights, intelligent thermal sights, handheld target acquisition and observation systems, vehicle camera systems, hyperspectral cameras, and multi-purpose container-based platform solutions.

    About Senop

    Senop’s advanced night vision solutions enable situational awareness as well as increased firepower and mobility. Senop provides high-performance night vision devices, intelligent sensor technology-based solutions and demanding system integration services for both defence & security and industry & research needs. Our high-tech products are designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure uncompromising reliability even in the most extreme conditions. Currently, Senop operates in 4 locations in Finland and employs nearly 60 specialists. Senop is a part of the Patria Group.

    Source: Senop Finland

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