Finland Introduces New Updated RK62M

    RK 62 M3

    RK62 M3 with tactical light, optic and suppressor (Finnish Army)

    The Finish Army have release photos of their newly upgraded RK62 service rifle. The RK62M embodies a number of ergonomic improvements over the original rifle and allows more modularity. Finland adopted the 7.62x39mm Valmet RK62 in 1965 with over 300,000 produced by the early 1990s. The RK62 has long been in need of an upgrade with plans for the RK62M first emerging in 2015.

    The RK62 in its original configuration (source)

    The upgraded rifles have a collapsing buttstock, a more ergonomic selector lever, a new side mounting optics Pic rail – rather than an integral top cover rail – and some models have a new forend with MLOK attachment points. The upgrades have increased the base weight of the rifle with the RK62 M2 & M3 now weighing around 4.1kg or 9 lbs unloaded and has an overall length (with its stock extended) of 37.5 inches. The rifle continues to be a select fire weapon and feeds from 30-round polymer AK magazines. The original pistol grips appear to have been retained.

    Finnish Soldier with upgraded RK62 M1 (Finnish Army)

    The RK62M comes in three variants. The M1 which has a telescopic butt, an upgraded safety-selector lever, a side optics mount and a new short attachment just ahead of the foregrip and behind the gas block. This new piece has three short sections (appearing to be about 2 inches long) allow attachment of accessories but retains the original polymer furniture. The M1 appears to be the most cost effective upgrade without the new forend. It is reportedly intended to be the standard issue configuration.


    The M2 and M3 have a new forened MLOK attachment points for sections of rail. The M2 has an overall black finish and the further addition of a refinement of the original a three-pronged flash suppressor/bayonet lug and a new short suppressor has also been seen paired with the rifle. The suppressor appears to be a S Series SL5I-BL 7.62 Low Pressure Suppressor from Ase Utra. The M3 has identical features to the M2 but has an experimental OD Green finish. The Finish Army also note the adoption of a ” breach muzzle brake can be attached to the new flash suppressor allowing for breaking, for instance, concrete steel by firing.”


    RK62 M3 (Finlandiaprkl)

    Here’s a few more photos from the Finnish Army:

    RK62 M3 (Finnish Army)

    RK62 M2 with accessories (Finnish Army)

    RK62 M2 with accessories (Finnish Army)

    The upgrade will extend the service life of the RK62 into the 2030s at a projected cost of 12.6 million Euros or $14.1 million. Just how many of the 300,000+ original rifles will be modernised is not yet known but over 20,000 would be needed to equip all active duty soldiers. The Finish Army confirm that “the new modernised versions of the assault rifle will now be fielded as part of conscript training provided in all Finnish Defence Forces’ brigade-level units.”

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