POTD: Royal Norwegian Air Force 339 Squadron

    Royal Norwegian Air Force 339 Squadron

    Some use reindeer and some use K9 Belgian Malinois to travel in the snow. In our Photo Of The Day, we have Norwegian Coastal Rangers conducting an air mobile operation together with the Royal Norwegian Air Force 339 Squadron. This happened during exercise Arctic Hawk in Northern Norway. Apart from the dog, you can see weapons like the Heckler & Koch HK416N and the FN Minimi.

    The 339 Squadron was established at Gardermoen airport in 1956 as a fighter squadron, with the mission to support the Army in the Northern part of Norway.

    Would you rather fight in the arctic or the desert? Or do you prefer the wet, warm jungle with insects?
    Traveling by helicopter is excellent, but landing can be difficult as the pilot has no real reference of where the ground is. Everything becomes a white haze. Sometimes a soldier has to kneel in front of the helicopter so that the pilot can see ground level.

    Photos: Norwegian Defense and Ole-Sverre Haugli