FGC-9 Creator JStark Passes Away Following Police Raid

    FGC-9 Creator JStark Passes Away Following Police Raid

    It is our unfortunate duty to report that the creator of the FGC-9 3D-printed gun has passed away this last week following a police raid on his home by German police. Known only as JStark, many consider him to be the father of 3D firearms printing and a hero in the 3D printing community. JStark does speak fluent English (although it has a slight accent) and this helped him communicate with 3D printers stateside to spread his ideas and files to all who were interested. His death was reported on October 9th via Der Spiegel (a German news magazine).

    More about JStark and the FGC-9 @ TFB:

    FGC-9 Creator JStark Passes Away Following Police Raid

    The raid on JStarks home was sparked by a confidential report by the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (it is not clear how this “confidential report” made its way into Spiegel’s hands) showed that German authorities received a message from England last December regarding “a man in Germany who is maybe manufacturing and spreading 3d printed firearms.” Investigators tracked down 28-year old Jacob D. where a special commando team raided his flat and searched the entire place. The search turned up nothing illegal nor were any firearms found at his apartment.

    Just two days after the raid, relatives found Jacob’s body dead in front of a car parked at his parent’s flat in Hannover. According to German authorities, this was not a suicide or a murder but JStark had passed away from a heart attack. According to investigators, Jacob died from natural causes “without any doubt.” According to one investigator, Jacob/Jstark apparently had a previous medical condition relating to his heart that he has had since birth and perhaps “maybe the excitement was too much.”

    FGC-9 Creator JStark Passes Away Following Police Raid

    Either way, JStark’s death is a sad day for not only 3D printers worldwide but firearms enthusiasts across the world. JStark stood for a lot of things and along with other 3D printers like Ivan The Troll, were able to bring affordable opensource arms to many who either couldn’t afford traditional firearms or just wanted a way to ensure they stayed armed no matter what restrictions were placed on them. If there was any doubt about how the well known 3D printer felt about firearms I think it is best summed up with this quote that he gave to Spiegel last year during an interview he had with them:

    Even if a lot of bloodletting would be necessary, to keep the right to carry [sic] firearms, I would do it

    Author’s note: it is far more likely that the word “carry” here is better translated as “own” as the original quote was translated from English to German in the Spiegel article.

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