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Modifying an H&K USC 3D Printed Receiver For Ruger 10/22 Style Rifles

Revolutionary Rimfire: 3D Printed Receiver For Ruger 10/22 Style Rifles

Our friend Sebastian Unger (aka homegunsmithunger), inventor of the innovative “Topside Takedown 10/22 Receiver” has been working hard to find a manufacturing partner for his unique twist on a classic firearm design. In the middle of his prototyping phase, he has [Read More…]

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3D Printing Method for Making Advanced Machine Gun Barrels Being Developed by US Army ARDEC [NDIA 2017]

At the 2017 National Defense Industry Association conference on small arms, US Army ARDEC presented a brief on new technologies for enhancing the longevity of machine gun barrels, using 3D printing techniques. The project’s goals as stated in the presentation were [Read More…]

3D Printed Scope Levers

We’ve posted a lot about 3D printing but most of it has been about experimental parts or receivers that seem a bit scary to actually shoot. Here’s a pretty neat 3D printed project a Redditor shared recently. They created these 3D printed scope levers for [Read More…]