Prepare Your GLOCK – Deterrence Dispensed 3D Printed Extendez Mag

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Get your mag well ready people, the Extendez 30 round 3D printed Glock Magazine is here. Ivan the troll, has just released his latest print. A new 30 round 3D printable Glock magazine, an upgrade from their standard capacity 3D printed Glock Mag, the Extendez is no ordinary Glock magazine. In addition to having a luxurious 30 round capacity for all that sweet sweet 9x19mm goodness, it can be printed in every color imaginable for your viewing pleasure – or your enemies. Oh, and did I mention they cost less than $2 to print?

Extendez, cheaper than your morning coffee

Yep, Glock mags are cheap, but the 3D printed Extendez mag costs only $1.30 to print in PLA plastic. The entry-level printer required to print this magazine comes in at just $200. You’ll have to do the math to find out if this is an investment for you. After all, it’s not like magazines would just get banned or anything, right?

With the Extendez being PLA plastic, it has no metal feed lips. This means a limited life-span, although Ivan has stated that his firings are getting better than 500 rounds out of a mag if care is taken when loading. The lips of the mag are what will break or wear out first. PLA Plastic is stiff but not very wear-resistant, but it is cheap. Some nylon filaments better fit the bill for a stiff and wear-resistant plastic but they are more expensive.

Now if you’re thinking that the feed lips just need to be reinforced post-production than Ivan has said himself:

My end argument is that no post process to reinforce the mag lips is easier or more cost effective than just printing another mag body.

Metal feed lips weren’t an option as Glock mags are fairly complex in terms of their internal geometry. Getting a steel liner to take the shape of feed lips wouldn’t be an easy task. Like anything, if it were easy then it wouldn’t be cheap – definitely not $1.30 cheap. Along with the low cost, each magazine takes about 6-7 hours to print but the time investment for you will be just the setup for the print and assembly of the magazine.

Dispensing hot lead, 30 rounds at a time

The Extendez is a furtherance of the Menendez family of magazine designs from Deterrence Dispensed. Once again named after the Senator from New Jersey – Bob Menendez. One who actively pressured private companies to attack Ivan’s personal accounts.

Files for these magazines can be found here. For those interested in joining the 3D printing community, a link to the Keybase (chat room for people to talk) can be is right here.

Springs for the magazines can be found for sale here and are available in any country. This includes countries with Heavy Firearms Regulations.

Hats off to Ivan and the team at Deterrence Dispensed for continuing to bring innovation and private ownership of firearms to the public. Can’t Stop the Signal.

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Gunsandrockets Gunsandrockets on Sep 20, 2019

    "Menendez Magazine"? I love that!

    It reminds me of how the Finns invented the name of the Molotov Cocktail.

  • Gunsandrockets Gunsandrockets on Sep 20, 2019

    Remember the Luty SMG?

    I've wondered how that design might be improved, particularly in an age of 3D printing, and I think the point to address is the magazine.

    It seems to me that the Madsen LMG magazine system (which Johnson adapted for his M1941 .30 LMG) has a lot of promise for a cheap to build yet reliable magazine.

    So perhaps something like a Madsen LMG magazine, with an Australian F1 SMG configuration, and Luty SMG construction? Perhaps make the magazine housing a separate piece, so the magazine could be folded like a French MAT-49 SMG?

    • See 3 previous
    • IvanTheTroll IvanTheTroll on Sep 22, 2019

      @gunsandrockets Look up the FGC9 - Luke did an excellent article on it. In many ways it is a modern version of what the Luty set out to represent.