POTD: Dutch Commandos in Afghanistan

    Dutch Commandos in Afghanistan

    Photo Of The Day and yet another great series of photos by Hille James Combat Photographer. Today we have pictures of the Dutch Commandos in Afghanistan, the Korps Commandotroepen (KCT). The Korps Commandotroepen is the Special Forces unit of the Royal Netherlands Army.

    Here’s how the Royal Netherlands Army describe their Commando Corps:

    The Commando Corps conducts special operations, which are mainly operations of strategic or operational importance that are conducted in an area which is not under control of friendly forces. The main tasks of the Commando Corps are:

    • Special Reconnaissance: special reconnaissance missions to acquire information about a hostile or semi-hostile area, about a threat or about the effects of an attack.
    • Direct Action: offensive actions, such as ambushes, sabotage and target designation.
    • Military Assistance: military assistance with the aim of training or advising allies or groups.

    In addition, the commandos carry out counterterrorist actions and rescue operations.

    Quad-bikes. Beats walking by far.

    In this page, you’ll find a photo of every type of firearm in use with the Netherlands Armed Forces: https://english.defensie.nl/topics/materiel/arms

    Hille James was the winner of the Combat Documentation Operational earlier this year.

    Photo Source: Hille James Combat Photographer