POTD: Hille James – Winner of Combat Documentation Operational

    Photo Of The Day is back after an extremely busy week of Press Releases and Product Announcements and what a photo! Hille James won the “Combat Documentation Operational” in the Military Visual Awards 2019 with this entry, and it’s easy to see why. A soldier with two of his best friends – the issued firearm and his dependable K9 dog.

    The Military Visual Awards has been going for a few years, with the aim “to produce an extremely high level of productive and healthy competition amongst service members who take photographs“. Since 2019 they also include videos. The competition is free and public, open to everyone with some rules. For instance, the picture must have been taken in 2020.

    1st Place, Combat Documentation Operational by Hille Hillinga (Netherlands) – Dutch operator of the Korps commando troops is scanning the environment together with his dog in Afghanistan.

    Below is a photo of the award, with the picture behind it.

    POTD: Hille James - Winner of Combat Documentation Operational

    Just received the award I won last year šŸ† Still so proud on my first place ā€˜Combat Documentation Operationalā€™! Thank you!

    I think this photo may have been taken at the same time: Hille James Combat Photographer

    You can find his Instagram here.