Carbon Fiber Hexmags Available from Sentry Tactical

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Hexmags have been available with standard polymer construction for several years, but now there’s a new carbon fiber option as well.

For many years, the AR-15 magazine game was overwhelmingly split between two main options. You could have regular metal GI mags, which were cheap and plentiful, or Magpul PMAGs, which were widely considered a functional upgrade, and not much else. In recent years, however, some challengers have arisen. While those big two still hold the lion’s share of the market, it’s become increasingly common of late to see shooters employ alternatives, like translucent Lancer mags or Hexmags with their signature “Hexture” surface design.

Hexmags @ TFB:
The new carbon fiber Hexmag (left) is intended to improve strength and rigidity over the polymer version, while shaving 20% off of weight.

After operating as a standalone entity for several years, Hexmag was acquired by the Virginia-based Sentry Products Group in 2017. Sentry Tactical has continued the hexagonal-patterned mags’ proliferation over the last four years. They currently offer standard polymer AR versions in four color options: black, gray, FDE, and OD green. They also have a Glock mag version, as well as some other parts featuring the signature hexagon motif, like pistol grips and M-LOK panels. Earlier this year they added a new AR mag option, this time made out of carbon fiber. See their website and press release, copied below, for this latest magazine option.

Sentry Tactical also makes Glock Hexmags, in addition to their rifle models.

The Next Gen AR-15 Mag from SENTRY Products Group™

The SENTRY™ Hexmag Carbon Fiber AR-15 Mag uses a proprietary blend of Carbon Fiber for a stronger, lighter AR-15 magazine.

Virginia Beach, Va. (February 2021) – After the acquisition of the Hexmag brand in 2017 SENTRY Products Group set out to refine and expand their magazine and on gun accessory line. The most recent advancement is SENTRY’s Carbon Fiber AR-15 magazine, made from a proprietary carbon fiber composite blended with our Polyhex2polymer, offering exceptional durability and consistent performance. While Hexmag’s polymer magazines are known for exceptional reliability and resiliency, the introduction of Carbon Fiber significantly increases the overall strength and rigidity which further enhances performance. An added benefit to the end user is that Carbon Fiber reduces total weight by 20 percent over the standard magazine.

As with all Hexmag products the new Carbon Fiber AR-15 Mag features the patented Hexture pattern for confident and positive grip, no matter the environmental conditions. With the industry’s first tool-less takedown design, the magazines can be easily cleaned and maintained. A heat-treated stainless-steel spring eliminates corrosion and resists fatigue even while loaded for long periods of time. Customization can be done through Hexmag’s True-Riser system to create State compliant 10, 15, and 30-round configurations; and with the SENTRY HexID color identification system, the user can quickly identify caliber and ammo type through the coded safety system featuring high visibility followers and latch plate.

Available in black with an MSRP of $21.99 you can find this product through Midway, RSR and the SENTRY’s web site

Visit us on the Sentry Hexmag Facebook page and the Sentry Hexmag Instagram page.

To learn more about SENTRY Products Group, contact us at or visit

Images courtesy of Sentry Tactical.
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  • Name Name on Aug 21, 2021

    These are a non-starter at $22 MSRP when you can get PMags and aluminum at under $10.

  • G-man G-man on Aug 22, 2021

    I swear, carbon fiber is the cranberry juice of the outdoor sporting & 2A world. (It ends up in all the other juices!)