Steelhead Fast Access Pistol Box: Keeping The Essentials Safe And Handy

Zac K
by Zac K
Big enough to hold a couple of service-sized pistols and spare magazines inside. [Steelhead]

If you travel a lot with a pistol, chances are that sooner or later, you’ll want some sort of safe to keep your handgun secure at some point. If you’re in this position, the new Steelhead Fast Access Pistol Box is made to not only restrict access to your pistol, but also allow you to quickly get your hands on it when needed.

Here’s how Steelhead describes the new mini-safe:

Our Fast Access Pistol Box was designed to be the perfect travel companion. With the optional heavy duty cable; it can go from the nightstand, to the vehicle, to the hotel room and maintain fast access to your handgun without batteries or electronics. Engineered from the ground up to strike the perfect balance between security, usability and portability. All of our lockboxes are laser cut, formed, TIG welded, powdercoated and assembled in Shakopee, MN.

Steelhead has made similar pistol boxes in the past, but they haven’t had the push-button Simplex lock (which works without any electronics or batteries). This Fast Access Pistol Box has the same internal capacity (8.5 x 12.25 x 3 inches) as the company’s earlier Large HD Pistol Box, and is made of the same 12ga steel construction, but it weighs a bit more at just under 15 lb.

The bottom and lid are both lined with foam to protect your belongings inside (which obviously can include objects besides firearms). The foam also keeps things from rattling around in transit.

The box has four holes in its base to make it easier to anchor, but most people are buying this to travel with. To that end, Steelhead will also sell you a .25-inch galvanized steel cable rated at 6,000 pounds; you can use this to keep the box secured in your hotel room. vehicle or other location. That cable will cost you an extra $25 on top of the box’s $300 MSRP—more details here.

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