Breek-LOK: Quick-Detach Suppressor Solution

Zac K
by Zac K
The Breek-LOK offers quick-detach capability for your suppressor without adding much weight or length. [Breek]

Want a suppressor on your firearm, but don’t always want a suppressor on your firearm? Breek Arms is here to solve your problem, with the new Breek-LOK quick-detach suppressor mount. The idea of a quick-detach suppressor mount is nothing new, but Breek Arms says the Breek-LOK offers two advantages over other designs.

Suppressors @ TFB:

While there are several internal parts, the Breek-LOK system consists of two major components, one which mounts to the rifle and the other which mounts your suppressor. [Breek]
First, the titanium components reduce weight, which is always a consideration with suppressor systems. With the added weight of a can on the end of your barrel, reducing the weight of a mount is a big help. The two major subassemblies here weigh less than 5 ounces when combined.

Second, the Breek-LOK is also designed to add only a minimal length (1.2 inches) to your firearm’s OAL when it’s installed. Again, a sensible consideration.

How does it work?

Breek’s new design uses two major components: A muzzle device, with two locking lugs, and the Breek-LOK itself, which mounts to those lugs. The idea is that the muzzle device stays on your rifle at all times, while the Breek-LOK, which is attached to your suppressor, can be quickly installed on the rifle with a twist-to-lock motion. It’s much quicker than threading a suppressor on and off, and you’re less likely to bung up the threads while using it.

See Breek’s staffer demonstrating the system and its installation and function below:

Here’s how their website describes the operation:

The Breek-LOK allows a user to quickly affix and remove their suppressor from a firearm. Insert the muzzle device into the HUB with the UNLOCK indicator at the 12 o’clock position, apply downward pressure to compress the spring, and turn the suppressor 90 degrees counter clockwise to lock the lugs into place. The LOCK indicator will now be at the 12 o’clock position. Simply turn the suppressor counter clockwise to ensure the HUB is fully seated to the muzzle device. The user may opt to use two hands to securely seat the suppressor. The detent ring will keep the suppressor from backing off during use.

The Breek-LOK is compatible with suppressors that have a 1.375″-24 thread pitch. The internal design is supposed to prevent carbon lock. It is rated for cartridges of .308 Winchester power, or below. The Breek-LOK assembly is priced at $255, and the muzzle device for mounting it is priced at $89.99 For more information, check out

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  • ShootCommEverywhere ShootCommEverywhere on May 29, 2024

    Real "belt with suspenders" mounting system with lugs, a taper, and a ratchet. The weight compares favorably with systems that should at this point be called legacy systems like ASR and KeyMo, but if you look at a DDC Zilch (1.5oz) or Rearden Atlas Ti (1.2oz) it does not compare very favorably. The length really does not compare at all; 1.2" added by a mounting system is nuts and about the same as KeyMo. I don't know if the Zilch (3/16") is a fair comparison because it pushes the muzzle device further into the blast chamber, but even the Atlas adds only 0.5".

  • Link Link on May 29, 2024

    It would be nice if the industry would pick a quick attachment standard.
    It took them long enough to go with the hub standard for tube size.
    Now pick a QD already.