HEVI-Shot's New HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads

Luke C.
by Luke C.

One of the most popular waterfowl hunting loads is back with a vengeance as HEVI-Shot has just reintroduced their tungsten waterfowl loads with their new HEVI-XII. The HEVI-XII delivers more power down range, more pellets on target, and is completely non-toxic. The new loading will come in several different configurations and will also be available for both 12 and 20 gauges.

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Hevi-Shot's New HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads

HEVI-Shot’s New HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads

“The great thing about this ammunition is you can shoot three-shot sizes smaller than you do with steel ammunition and get the same lethality because you’re putting more pellets on target HEVI-Shot’s Product Line Manager. “Not only that, HEVI-XII loads produce twice the downrange energy as steel.

-Scott Turner – HEVI-Shot Product Line Manager”

The new HEVI-XII loads feature muzzle velocities from 1,500 fps down to 1,350 fps and will come in 12 and 20 gauge loadings with 7/8 ounce, 1 ounce, 1-1/8 ounce, and 1-1/4 ounce loads with #2, #4, or #6 size shot available for all loadings. The tungsten shot outperforms steel in every category including density, lethality, and pattern characteristics. On the lethality front, the smaller tungsten projectiles are packed in closer together and retain more energy upon impact meaning they penetrate deeper for a more lethal shot. The tungsten shot within the HEVI-XII is rated at 12 g/cc (grams per cubic centimeter) which turns out to be over 50% denser than steel shot. Finally, the pattern produced by the tungsten shot ends up being much tighter than standard lead or steel shot meaning you’ll have more pellets going towards your target and not just around it.

Hevi-Shot's New HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads

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The new HEVI-XII loads are available now and should be in stores and on shelves. HEVI-XII shotshells are available in either 25 round boxes or in cases of 250 rounds and can be found for around $2.20 per round. To find local stores carrying the new HEVI-XII and other HEVI-Shot loadings, visit this link to find your nearest dealer.

Hevi-Shot's New HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads

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  • River_rover River_rover on Jul 27, 2021

    This stuff kills like a Clinton. But it costs soooo much. The article says 2.20 per round. Where? More like 4 bucks when I find it. Been loading nickel plated lead with enough steel mixed in to fool the game warden with his magnet.

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    • Andrew Andrew on Aug 14, 2021

      @River_rover And I sometimes need to be reminded that I suck at humor.