Safariland GX4 Holster Fits Added to Concealed Carry Lineup

    Taurus GX4 Safariland Model 27

    Those of you who might have picked up one of the new Taurus GX4 micro-compact 9mm pistols are probably still looking for a suitable holster. Thankfully, a couple companies have unveiled their new offerings for the GX4 pistol. The new GX4 holster options include the Bianchi Model 6 ATB, Safariland Model 17, and Bianchi Model 135 each of which provide a slightly different style of carrying and concealment.

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    Safariland GX4 Holster Fits Added to Concealed Carry Lineup

    Compact designs offers capability for IWB and OWB carry.

    Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced holster fits for the new Taurus GX4. These Safariland and Bianchi holsters provide versatile functionality for Taurus’s new micro-compact GX4 9mm.

    “The new Taurus GX4 is a compact pistol that’s ideal for every day carry,” said Eric Gasvoda, Vice President and General Manager for The Safariland Group duty gear division. “And Safariland specializes in how Americans carry. These holsters for the new micro-nine GX4 offer immediate options for anyone looking to carry a GX4. From the classic leather of Bianchi to the innovative retention systems developed by Safariland, we have the holster you need.”

    Holster Fits for the GX4:

    For in-waist-band concealment, Bianchi offers multiple right and left-handed holsters. The Model 6 and tuckable 6T provide classic IWB concealment. For more retention, the Bianchi Model 6 ATB combines IWB with a thumb-break strap.

    Safariland’s IWB lineup includes the minimalist Model 17 and tuckable 17T. The Model 27 offers a SafariLaminate™ body with adjustable tension. For those who prefer more width to their holsters, the Bianchi Model 135 allows for comfort and concealment. The Safariland Model 25 is designed for pocket carry. And for even deeper concealment, the Bianchi Model 150 Negotiator provides an option for classic ankle-carry.

    The GX4 is large enough for carrying outside the waistband, too. The Bianchi 126 Assent is an ideal OWB design for the GX4, as is the Bianchi Model 105 Minimalist. For increased retention, the Bianchi Venom offers a thumb break strap, and the Bianchi Model 82 offers Safariland’s CarryLok™ system.

    Safariland GX4 Holster Fits Added to Concealed Carry Lineup

    I own a couple of Safariland holsters myself and I am very pleased with the quality of their polymer holsters. I can’t personally vouch for the hybrid or leather holsters offered by Safariland or Bianchi but I do know that I really wish I would have had a GX4 holster available when I received one a couple of months ago for testing and evaluation. My personal GX4 holster picks out of these new options would probably be the Model 17 IWB holster. However, depending on your tastes and carry preferences, Safariland seems to have every style available for the new GX4 pistol – even an ankle holster option.

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