Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest Plate Carrier from Safariland

    Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest Plate Carrier from Safariland

    Safariland has just released a new plate carrier for the armor market – the Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest or FAV. The Fast Attack Vest claims to be versatile, and provide more ballistic coverage at its base level. The FAV features front, back, shoulder, and side soft armor ballistic coverage with of course the option to add front and back armor plates.

    Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest Plate Carrier from Safariland

    Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest Plate Carrier from Safariland

    The Gen 3 FAV provides front, back, shoulder and side soft armor ballistic coverage. The independent, bottom-loading front and rear rifle plate pockets accommodate 10”x12” and SAPI plate sizes. Our new external cummerbund system provides enhanced fit and adjustability with proprietary attachment options for Velcro or First Spear Tubes. An internal flex-pouch accommodates radio and accessory storage, while SWIFT Clip attachment offers compatibility with a variety of different pouch systems.

    The FAV is available in Black, Navy, Ranger Green, Tan, Multicam, Tactical Green, and Coyote.


    • Front, back, shoulders and side soft armor ballistic coverage
    • Independent bottom loading front and rear plate pockets accommo-date 10”x12” and SAPI rifle plates covering small to extra-large body types and sizes
    • Internal and external cummerbunds for enhanced fit and adjustability
    • Internal flex-pouch for radio and accessory storage on external cummerbund
    • Design features dual buckle attachments to accept a variety of different clip-style pouch systems


    • Advanced Webless System with Divergent MOLLE (AWS) in 500D Cordura® nylon
    • Divergent MOLLE™ system offers improved strength and reduced weight while offering a modern and distinctive aesthetic
    • Traditional Modular Webbing (TMW) in 500D Cordura® nylon


    • FirstSpear® tube (FST)
    • VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop (VCS) on external cummerbunds


    Ballistic Collar, Ballistic Throat, Structured Upper Arms, Lower Abdomen, Standard or Enhanced Groin, Spacer Mesh inserts (TMW model only), PROTECH Rifle Plates

    Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest Plate Carrier from Safariland

    The Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest has a very slick look to it with its Divergent MOLLE system. My current plate carrier looks a bit dated in comparison. While the FAV lacks a lot of storage space right out of the gate, it does provide the user with a good starting point to add any equipment that the operator might need in the field. For pricing and availability, you can contact any one of Safariland’s dealers.

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