B&T Announces Partnership with Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions

    Longtime firearms industry professional Mike Pannone has been announced as B&T's new Director of Training.

    Longtime firearms industry professional Mike Pannone has been announced as B&T's new Director of Training.

    Just shy of thirty years ago, in May of 1991, Karl Brügger and Heinrich Thomet established a company to produce suppressors for their domestic Swiss market. Though Thomet has since moved on, today Brügger and his team are still working to manufacture what they believe are “some of the most technologically advanced, high performance weapons in the business.” Many would agree with this assessment, and more than a few of these B&T fans work here at TFB. These are meant to be premium guns, and they carry premium price tags, but plenty of shooters who have tried them will attest to their quality.

    B&T guns tend to turn heads, like this TP9, which is a model that evolved out of Steyer's TMP subgun.

    B&T guns tend to turn heads, like this TP9, which is a model that evolved out of Steyer’s TMP subgun.

    We’ve covered a number of these fine Swiss guns in the past, and they’re typically very well received. Particularly if you followed our coverage of GunFest 2021 and prior SHOT Shows, you will have seen info on their import of the Haenel CR-223, the Station Six handgun, their APC lineup, suppressors, and more. Longtime firearms industry figure and instructor Mike Pannone appears to concur with the favorable assessment, as the Brügger & Thomet legacy operation has just announced a partnership with the vaunted former US Special Operations veteran. Pannone, of CTT Solutions, will be coming on board as their Director of Training. Their recent press release reads:

    Pannone putting rounds downrange with the APC9-G.

    Pannone putting rounds downrange with the APC9-G.

    April 2nd, 2021

    B&T USA Partners with Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions

    Tampa, FL (April 2, 2021) – B&T USA is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions. Mike joins the B&T team with a primary role of Director of Training; he will also assist in increasing brand awareness within influential professional markets and to drive strategic sales opportunities within B&T’s established top tier LE and SOF customer bases.

    “Mike has a sterling reputation and an accomplished, professional background that
    continues to go unmatched within this space. He is not only well-connected within
    firearms industry, but is acutely aware of the importance of driving both company sales and marketing goals to better position those companies he chooses to represent — B&T is proud have him on our team,” stated Jon Scott, Vice President of Sales, B&T USA.

    Mike will be a high-visibility contributor to the B&T brand and will be seen at various training events, trade shows, VIP/Media presentations, and his contributions to product development will be clear as B&T USA releases new and innovative products over the course of 2021 and beyond.

    About Mike Pannone/CTT Solutions

    Mike is a former operational member of U.S. Marine Reconnaissance, Army Special
    Forces (Green Beret), 1st SFOD-D (Delta) and the Asymmetric Warfare Group. He is an active USPSA pistol shooter holding a Master class ranking in Limited, Limited-10 and Production divisions. Mike has participated in stabilization, combat and high-risk
    protection operations in support of U.S. policies throughout the world as both an active duty military member, and a civilian contractor. Mike also worked as the primary
    firearms instructor for the Federal Air Marshal program in Atlantic City, as well as the
    head in-service instructor for the Seattle field office. He has spent countless hours on the range and in the classroom with military units, LEO and operational personnel
    sharing his vast combat and practical experience to increase proficiency and
    organizational success.

    About B&T USA

    B&T USA, a Florida-based firearms, silencer and accessories manufacturer operating
    under license of B&T AG SWITZERLAND, which was founded in 1991 as a designer and manufacturer of the industry’s most advanced suppressors. Under the leadership of Karl Brügger, B&T AG has evolved into a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of the most technologically advanced, high performance weapons systems in the world. From the comprehensive APC (Advanced Police Carbine) line, recently adopted by the United States Army, to the new 9mm USW® (Universal Service Weapon) and USW conversion kits; B&T weapon systems are used globally by police, Special Forces, and elite military units. For more information on B&T USA, visit: www.bt-arms.com

    Photos courtesy of B&T.

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