New Glock Pistols and B&T Submachine Guns for Argentina’s Special Forces

    Some B&T APC9 PRO G On display (Zona Militar)

    Aquila International, LLC have recently completed their delivery of a batch of small arms and accessories to Argentina’s Army Special Forces. The shipment includes Glock pistols and B&T submachine guns. The Argentinian special forces, specifically the Agrupacion de Fuerzas de Operaciones Especiales (FOE), have selected the Glock 19X and 17 Gen 5 as well as B&T APC9 PRO G, the compact APC9Ks and the integrally suppressed APC9SD PRO G. The accessories include AAC Illusion suppressors and Blackhawk L3D holsters for their new Glocks and B&T suppressors for their new APC9s.

    B&T APC9 SD PRO G (Zona Militar)

    In total, the shipment included 47 APC9K Pro Gs, 54 APC9 SD Pro Gs and 81 of the standard APC9 Pro Gs. The ‘Pro G’ denotes the improved model with a non-reciprocating charging handle and more modularity, while the ‘G’ denotes that it takes Glock magazines.

    Some APC9K PRO Gs On display (Zona Militar)

    B&T APC9 PRO G (Zona Militar)

    And the new pistols:

    Glock 19X and 17 Gen 5 on display (Zona Militar)

    Aquila International have previously been contracted to deliver Daniel Defense rifles, including M4A1, MK18 and DD5V3 and D4, to various Argentine military organisations including Argentine Marines, Gendarmerie and Army Special Forces.

    Member of the Argentine Special Forces with B&T APC9 PRO G (Zona Militar)

    Here’s Aquila International press release in full:

    Aquila International, LLC, have successfully delivered a new batch of 9mm NATO small arms to the Argentine Army Special Forces, including B&T APC 9 PRO G Submachine guns and B&T suppressors, Glock G19X and G17 Gen 5 pistols, AAC Illusion suppressors, and Blackhawk! L3D “French Kit” holster systems.

    All B&T APC9 models delivered are in B&T’s PRO configuration (Aimpoint Micro T-1, Back Up iron sights, sling, case, cleaning kit). Also, all them are “G” models, meaning that they accept Glock magazines.

    The exact models delivered are:

    • APC9 PRO G: Foldable stock, Compact model, Glock Magazines, QD B&T suppressor
    • APC9K PRO G: Collapsible stock, Sub Compact model, Glock Magazines, QD B&T suppressor
    • APC9SD PRO G: Foldable stock, Integrally suppressed model, Glock Magazines, B&T integrated suppressor.

    The Glock pistols are a G19X and G17 gen 5, with extended 19-rd magazines and Glock Nightsights (GNS). The G17s are supplied with one additional threaded barrel for the AAC Illusion suppressors. The eccentric design of the Illusion suppressor allows the use of standard sights.

    These pistols were delivered with the new Blackhawk! L3D “French Kit” holster system, as
    recently adopted by the French Army. The “French Kit” T-Series L3D holster comes with three different mounting options: User can select either the S.T.R.I.K.E®/MOLLE Platform, T-Series Duty Belt Loop or Blackhawk drop leg platforms, all featuring the patented Blackhawk Quick Disconnect System.

    This new order for the Argentine Army Special Forces adds to the recently delivered Daniel Defense’s DDM4A1 and DD5V4 rifles. Another two contracts, covering OOW’s M249P Lightweight Machine Guns and Steiner DBAL-A4s will be delivered soon.

    Blackhawk L3D holster (via Zona Militar)

    B&T APC9 PRO G with an ‘AR’ serial number prefix (Zona Militar)

    Find out more about Aquila International at and check out their Instagram here.

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