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[TFB GUNFEST] Zastava Introducing a New M70 and Polymer M85/M90 Magazines

In this episode of TFBTV‘s #GunFest2021 coverage, James Reeves talks with Ranko of Zastava Arms about Zastava’s new modular 7.62x39mm M70 as well as new .223 polymer magazines for the M85 and M90 Zastava AKs in .223. Clarification: The M85/M90 polymer magazines have a steel reinforced [Read More…]

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[SHOT 2021] Streamlight TLR-7 sub – A New Light for Subcompacts

Until recently, not many subcompact carry guns came equipped with rails. Because of this, some people either carried a larger handgun, or opted to have no light. However, with the introduction of pistols like the SIG P365, Springfield Armory Hellcat, and Glock 43X and [Read More…]

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