Firearms, Not Politics – Why It Is More Important Than Ever Before

    Editorial: Why Firearms, Not Politics Is More Important Than Ever Before

    Editorial: Why Firearms, Not Politics Is More Important Than Ever Before

    Like many of you, I am deeply concerned about the current state of both the nation and the world. In the past year we have suffered through a global pandemic, a massive economic shutdown, civil unrest and intense political campaigns that have left us all damaged in some way. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the first week of 2021 has highlighted deep social and political divisions in the United States. I blame both sides of the aisle for putting their own needs over the needs of the citizenry. But I also blame the media for profiting off of our differences and fanning the flames of the extremes. Which is why TFB’s tag line Firearms, Not Politics is more important than ever before.

    Firearms, Not Politics – Why It Is More Important Than Ever Before

    The Firearm Blog, while far from perfect, has been a global firearms resource for almost 14 years. Our founder, Steve Johnson, started something amazing – by removing partisan debates, TFB has brought in a politically, socially and ethnically diverse readership that might otherwise have never come together under a common passion. We’ve avoided pointless arguments that would have alienated our base and repelled future readers and viewers. By default, taking a stand on a topic can often make others feel unwelcome.

    That’s not to say we are neither ignorant or spineless. I believe I speak for the rest of the TFB staff when I state that we support individual liberties, the freedom to exchange information, and the ability to voice opinions without fear of persecution. There are those that will criticize our non-partisan approach as being too liberal and still others as being too conservative. It is a ‘no win’ situation, but luckily for you, we aren’t trying to win anything. We all support the Second Amendment and we support those that dedicate their time, money and energy to defend the right to own firearms by individuals. If you want to stay on top of political discourse, follow and support those that do it better than we ever could:

    TFB strives to bring you unbiased news and reviews so you can make your own decisions. I’ll clarify that: we all have our own personal biases (GLOCK vs SIG for example), but TFB’s style promotes unbiased reviews and news for anyone interested in firearms.

    We also cater to a global audience. Our readership in Europe and Asia wants to hear about the NGSW trials and not some blue vs red showdown in middle America. If we dove into partisan debates, we would lose an important part of why we exist – reporting important information on firearms development and the rest of the international civilian and defense industries. It doesn’t always work: we’ve had reports of wearing a TFB patch in one South American country will get you labeled as a being part of terrorist organization. And most recently it appears that Russia has blocked all access to for one seemingly benign post.

    Firearms, Not Politics does not mean we will avoid reporting on legislation or regulatory changes that have the potential to effect individuals and industry. It does mean that we won’t use derogatory labels for entire groups. Side note: stand proud if you are a Fudd, but we are still going to make fun of you once a week.

    If you like firearms, you have a home here. For us, that the only way forward.

    Last week I watched as James Reeves interacted with fans who would have never considered being a new gun owner before watching a TFBTV video or asking for direct advice from Gunshorts himself. It’s a unique talent that all of TFB’s staff uses to create content – set aside your personal beliefs and report the facts. Interact like a respectful human, write in a way that everyone feels welcome and break down as many preconceived notions as possible.

    I believe we are much less divided than the media portrays us to be. TFB will continue to be a resource for everyone interested in firearms and we hope that you understand why our non-partisan of Firearms, Not Politics approach is the keystone to our continued success.

    Thank you for reading and watching TFB and TFBTV.


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