Ukrainian Snipex Alligator 14.5114mm Anti-Materiel Rifle

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Ukrainian Snipex Alligator 14.5×114mm Anti-Materiel Rifle (1)

Snipex, a Ukrainian company specialized in designing and manufacturing anti-materiel rifles, has recently announced the release of a new rifle called Alligator. If you recall, about a year ago, we reported about their T-Rex rifle. Both the T-Rex and Alligator are bolt action rifles chambered in 14.5x114mm and apparently share a lot of design elements. The major difference is that T-Rex is a single-shot rifle, while the Snipex Alligator is a magazine-fed one.

Ukrainian Snipex Alligator 14.5114mm Anti-Materiel Rifle (3)

The Snipex Alligator rifle is fed from 5-round detachable box magazines. The receiver is made of steel and the bolt guide rails inside the receiver are chrome lined. The Picatinny rail on top of the receiver has a 50-MOA cant. The barrel features a chrome-lined bore and chamber, is free-floated and recoils back upon firing to mitigate the felt recoil. The large muzzle brake and rubber buttpad also contribute to dampening the recoil.

The 5-round magazine is fixed in the receiver via front and rear lugs.

The Snipex Alligator rifle is equipped with a folding 4-position adjustable bipod and a rear adjustable monopod. The rifle also has a carry handle and according to Snipex, “to carry the rifle with a silencer mounted, the position of the handle can be changed“. I assume this feature is incorporated into the design to allow always having the carry handle at the center of gravity of the rifle because if a beast like this is not well balanced and tips back or forth, it will be quite difficult to carry.

Ukrainian Snipex Alligator 14.5114mm Anti-Materiel Rifle (1)
Ukrainian Snipex Alligator 14.5114mm Anti-Materiel Rifle (2)

Other features of the Snipex Alligator rifle include a button safety, Cerakote finish, and adjustable cheekpiece that can be relocated to the left side of the receiver. The company has also developed special 35mm scope rings designed to withstand the recoil of mighty 14.5x114mm cartridge. The Alligator rifle weighs 22.5 kilograms (49.6 lbs), has a 1,200 mm barrel (47″), and an overall length of 2,000 mm (79″). In order to easier transport this gigantic rifle, the barrel and muzzle device can be detached allowing to store the gun into a relatively compact case.

Granted the barrel length is 47, the internal length of the case should be around 50. Pretty compact package for a rifle of this size.

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  • Gautam Gautam on Jun 22, 2020

    That's a really sexy looking rifle. I remember their first prototype 14.5x114 rifle was rather crude and widely mocked here. For a company that till now was only known for making lubricants, Xado has come a long way.

    It's a pity the 14.5mm is banned from importation in all civilian markets, because otherwise I suspect it would have gained some popularity among recreational and target shooters as a 'better than .50 BMG' super-long range caliber.

  • Zionfire12 Zionfire12 on Jun 28, 2020

    Grain weight, velocity? A few specs? Looks amazing, just like to see some info.

    • Gautam Gautam on Jun 30, 2020

      @zionfire12 There are very few rifles in this caliber. It's generally only used in the KPV / ZPU series of Soviet machine guns. Standard load is the B-32 994gr Armour Piercing Incendiary round. Muzzle velocity around 3300 feet / sec, muzzle energy 32.5 kJ.