Ukrainian Snipex MONOMAKH 14.5mm Semi-Auto Anti-Materiel Rifle

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    Snipex is a Ukrainian company (XADO Chemical Group subsidiary) specialized in designing and manufacturing anti-materiel rifles, particularly, AMRs chambered in 14.5x114mm. We have previously reported about their T-Rex and Alligator 14.5mm bolt action (single-shot and magazine-fed) anti-material rifles. The company continues expanding their 14.5mm anti-materiel rifle line and during the Arms and Security 2021 exhibition introduced a semi-auto 14.5x114mm anti-materiel rifle called Snipex Monomakh.

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    Snipex Monomakh (1)

    Snipex Monomakh is a short barrel recoil operated firearm. While the large 4-chamber muzzle brake is probably the primary recoil mitigation measure, the company notes that the moving barrel along with the optimally balanced weight of the rifle also contribute to the felt recoil mitigation. The rifle is fed from 5-round detachable box magazines which look to be slightly different from the magazines used in the Snipex Alligator bolt action rifle. Snipex Monomakh has a cross-bolt safety and a right-side reciprocating charging handle. It is equipped with an adjustable bipod and rear monopod. The cheekpiece is height-adjustable. The top Picatinny rail is 29.9″ (760mm) long which should allow mounting a scope and front night/thermal vision device combination of virtually any length. The 47.25″ (1200mm) long 8-groove barrel has a 1:16″ twist rate. The overall length of the Snipex Monomakh rifle is 80.7″ (2050mm) and it weighs in at 55 lbs (25kg). The effective firing range is specified as up to 2000 meters.

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    The other two 14.5x114mm Snipex anti-materiel rifles, T-Rex and Alligator, have recently been adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Considering the interest of the Ukrainian military in this caliber and Snipex rifles, I think chances are high that Snipex Monomakh will join its siblings in the armories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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