XADO Chemical Group SNIPEX .50BMG “Rhino Hunter”

    SNIPEX rhino hunter

    Reading like a chapter taken from a Sci-Fi novel or Bond film (or both), Ukrainian arms manufacturer XADO Chemical Group is producing a single shot anti-material rifle called the SNIPEX Rhino Hunter. Billed as an anti-material gun, the rifle operates on a ‘longitudinally sliding gate’ and is chambered in .50BMG. The Rhino Hunter is being sold for 149 500 Ukrainian Hryvnia (~$5,400 USD) and includes accessories like a trigger guard and swim trunks.

    SNIPEX Rhino Hunter from XADO Chemical GROUP

    (with Russian Google Translate Fail):

    SNIPEX Rhino Hunter From Sniper-Weapon.ru:

    Anti-materiel rifle SNIPEX .50 BMG RHINO HUNTER is designed and manufactured by the Ukrainian company XADO Chemical Group, which managed to establish a vicious cycle of long-barreled hand-held firearms. This is the first experience of the company to establish a sniper rifle 12,7 mm.

    For the first time, the rifle was shown at the exhibition “The Weapon that Bezpeka 2016”, held in Kiev in October last year. Weapons name is composed of the model name (SNIPEX), indicate the caliber ( .50 BMG ) and indicate the possible destinations (RHINO HUNTER – “Hunter rhinoceros”).

    Barrel stainless steel 750 or 1100 mm long floating production own bore rifling executed by dornirovaniya. To dampen the impact of powerful except DTK and cushioning insert backplate rear of the chassis, which plays the role of focusing the butt for needle arms using simple circuit recoil mechanism.

    The barrel is enclosed in a tubular casing with vents on the side surfaces of which (for greater stability of arms) are mounted adjustable bipod. On the breech casing is fastened to the guide ridge Picatinny rail for mounting the optical sight.

    Single shot rifle, works on the principle of longitudinal sliding gate with a massive handle, locking bore six lugs. Release of spent cartridges rollback occurs when the shutter back. All this greatly reduces the time and simplifies reloading it. Automatic fuse is located on the trigger.

    The total length of the rifle is 1200 mm, the sighting range of 2200-2500 meters depending on the length of the barrel. Other details are not reported.

    Start the beginning of sales of arms is scheduled for 04.10.2017. Pre-order available for registration. At the time of publication, rifles cost is 149500 UAH (about $ 5300).


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