POTD: Concamo – Heckler & Koch HK416A7 and HK433 (Version 5) with ELCAN and EOTech

    As usual with images from Concamo you have to count more than once to find all the people in the picture, and even then you can’t be sure. These Photos Of The Day are no exception, but I think most of our readers will be busy looking at the firearms from Heckler & Koch and not the Concamoed uniforms from UF Pro.

    We have the HK417A7 and the HK433 with ELCAN and EOTech sights from IEA Mil-Optics Gmbh.┬áThe HK433 above has an EOTech with a magnifier module. The HK pistol looks like it’s an SFP9 optics ready.┬áThe Heckler & Koch 433 above is said to be Version 5, unfortunately, it’s hard to make out any details.

    Below: Heckler & Koch G95 K with an ELCAN sight. (HK416 A7 to be called G95 by the German Special Forces). Note the HK Pos+ patch.

    For more information on the Night Vision Quad-Eyes check here.

    Below: Looks like a Heckler & Koch 417. Or two.

    Below: Is that an EOS Canon camera or a Sniper. Or both?

    From UF Pro:

    CONCAMO is a new camouflage pattern from Germany. Its patented special pattern arrangement works by creating confusion in the subconscious mind.

    All pictures from Concamo.