POTD: Heckler & Koch SFP9 Optics Ready with Rheinmetall laser

    Today’s Picture Of The Day shows a Heckler & Koch SFP9 (VP9), ready with optics. I think the red dot sight is a Leupold Deltapoint Pro.

    The HK has “SFP9 OR 9mmx19” typed on the side, to be exact.

    The laser-light module is called LLM-PI and made by Rheinmetall. It’s an integrated target laser with both infrared and visual spectrum illumination functions, specially designed for pistols. In “torch” mode, the LED can be kept switched on indefinitely. In “flash” mode, the LED switches on and off rapidly for a 180-lumen strobe effect.

    The “Quadeye” L3 GPNVG-18 Night Vision Goggles are made by L3 ILS and supplied by I-E-A in Germany.

    Which rifle is out of focus in the background? Possibly a Heckler & Koch HK433, or a G95K. Or is it more of a sniper rifle?

    Below, a Concamoed soldier with an HK433 standing beside a HUMVEE.

    All of the photos are from ConCamo, a highly effective camouflage pattern developed by Matthias Bürgin.

    Source: Thanks to Strategie & Technik Blog.