POTD: Portuguese Special Forces and some of their Firearms

    Photo Of The Day – it is time for Portugal and having a look at what their Special Forces have in their armoury. We’re looking at photos from their recruiting campaign, and as you can see, there is a nice variety of old and modern Heckler & Koch rifles as well as Galils.

    Auto-translated from Portuguese:

    The choice is yours!

    Applications for Special Troops are open in the Squares Category.

    Training Locations:

    ➡ Parachutists: Tancos
    ➡Commands: Charger
    ➡Special Operations: Lamego

    Course start dates will be announced shortly.

    Check the admission conditions and apply here

    Below: Collapsible stock for the Portuguese Paratroopers (Paraquedistas).

    All pictures from Exército Português / The Portuguese Army.


    In similar news, the Portuguese NAVY upgrade their HK G3s with Spuhr modifications:

    Long live the H&K G3! Portuguese NAVY approves the Spuhr upgrade kit


    Which color on the beret do you fancy the most?

    Which rifle would you prefer? New or classic style?